Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion

Recognising that gender discrimination is a systemic issue, and that trans and non-binary individuals have multiple barriers in accessing supports and services, SASC is committed to being wholly inclusive to trans and non-binary individuals.

This policy reflects SASC’s commitment to anti-discriminatory practices in relation to all trans and non-binary individuals and ensures that their rights are respected and protected.

SASC will work to promote a climate that is welcoming to members of the trans community. SASC recognizes that being that trans  is not in any way related to an individual’s eligibility to services, volunteering or employment. Candidates for positions will not be discriminated against on the basis of their trans or non-binary status, and will be given the same consideration as all other candidates.

The trans or non-binary status of service users/clients and of SASC members/volunteers is considered confidential and private and will not be recorded or disclosed without the express permission of the individual. Disclosure is a personal choice.

SASC will continue to increase its knowledge of issues impacting the trans and non-binary community through ongoing education and our volunteer training program.