Public Education

The public education program has a broad role of educating for social change and raising awareness around issues of sexual violence. We offer a variety of workshops which are tailored to the age and needs of the group. We provide specific content for elementary and secondary schools, university/college students, workplaces and community organizations. Please email to book your workshop today.

About SASC/Our Services
In this talk, participants will learn about the services and programs provided by SASC, as well as hear about our values and philosophies.

Anti-Human Trafficking
Did you know that Waterloo Region is a hotbed for human trafficking? In this workshop participants will learn what human trafficking is, how to recognize the luring and grooming process and will leave with a knowledge of local resources. We also offer additional curriculum for educators to supplement our workshops with their groups.

Bystander Intervention
This workshop provides participants with a foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is and discusses what effective bystander intervention looks like. There will be an opportunity to explore how you can intervene, and what the effects are of different intervention tactics.

Talking about consent doesn’t need to be awkward! Through a conversation on what consent is, what barriers exist in creating a culture of consent, and how to apply consent practices in sexual and non-sexual contexts, participants will learn ways to incorporate consent into their daily practices.

Deconstructing Pornography
Online pornography has become widely available and is relatively easy for people of all ages to find. In this workshop participants will discuss the role pornography is playing is shaping people’s understanding of sexuality and sexual health, consent, sexual violence and more. We will also explore ethical porn production, and the concept of feminist porn.

Gender Socialization and Stereotypes
“Man up.” “Act like a lady.” Statements like these are heard every day and push people into boxes based on their gender. This workshop examines some of the ways in which gender-based stereotypes impact our relationships with ourselves and others.

Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence
What does a healthy relationship actually look, sound, and feel like? What are “red flags” that someone may be trying to control or harm us? This workshop explores the characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships.

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
How do you respond when someone discloses to you that they have experienced sexual violence? This workshop will give participants foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is, and will provide skills, tools and information to respond in an empathetic and supportive way.

Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment
In this workshop participants will learn about sexual violence, including sexual harassment. The conversation will include how different actions, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs contribute to a culture of sexual violence and will provide opportunties to reflect on how we can make change.

Male Allies Program
Trained male facilitators covering topics such as healthy relationships, consent, violence against women, concepts of masculinity, what men can do to prevent gender violence, etc. Presentations/workshops can be geared towards any audience/context from elementary age to adult. Check out the Male Allies website at:

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