Only Ja Means Ja: SASC Collaborates with Oktoberfest!

Oct 11 2019

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest has partnered with our Centre to promote a safe, welcoming environment for everyone festing in our community this year. The campaign is called #OnlyJaMeansJa! The intention is to promote a culture of consent at Oktoberfest events.

One component of this partnership was a workshop for Oktoberfest staff and volunteers. It provided attendees with a foundational knowledge of what sexual violence is, how to recognize it, and the various ways to intervene when they see it happening, particularly in a festival atmosphere. Oktoberfest staff and volunteers were given tools and information on how to respond in an empathetic and supportive way when someone discloses they’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted.

Another component of this partnership is a social media and poster campaign to raise awareness about consent at Oktoberfest. We encourage everyone to share these images using hashtag #OnlyJaMeansJa. 

Join us in helping to create a safe and consensual Oktoberfest for everyone!

only ja means ja

only ja means ja

only ja means jaonly ja means ja

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