Services for Women and Trans People

Individual Counselling

We offer individual counselling to people, 16 and older who have been sexually assaulted at any point in their lives. We also offer short - term support for family members or friends of sexual assault survivors, as well as information and referrals.

We offer individual and group counselling in Cambridge and in Kitchener. We also offer individual counselling to student survivors at Wilfrid Laurier University on their Waterloo campus.

All our services are free and confidential.

To register for individual counselling, please fill out our Online Intake Form.

You can also call our office at 519-571-0121 x804 or email to contact our Intake Worker.

Group Counselling

Our Group Counselling Program includes counsellor facilitated groups and workshops for all genders 16 and older who have been sexually assaulted at any point during their lives. New groups begin throughout the year.

All of our groups are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, and are on a variety of topics. Be sure to register early to ensure space is reserved for you. Support for childcare and transportation may be available upon request.



We are available through our 24 Hour Support Line and counselling programs to accompany and support survivors 16 and older through processes related to sexual assault.  We can also advocate on a survivor's behalf until they feels capable of doing so themself. We provide accompaniments to the hospital, court, and police as well as other related appointments. We are also able to assist in letter writing, telephone calls, and other meetings as requested and required.

If you require an immediate accompaniment to the hospital due to a recent sexual assault, please call our 24 Hour Support Line at 519.741.8633.

court support program

SASC offers court support for people who are called to testify against the person who sexually assaulted them.  Our goal is to provide a user friendly service for those who desire emotional support throughout the court process, including accompaniments to court.

We also have a Family Court Support Program for women navigating the family court process who have experienced intimate partner violence.

If you have a history of offending sexually, there are support services available to you in our community. 
For more information please connect with Community Justice Initiatives.